mixtape: strings.3



i wanted to wait little bit longer to publish it but when an inspiration hits you hard and all of a sudden, you realise that there is nothing else but to be happy to share it. so, comes strings.3 faster than ever after previous mixtape-story. with hidden message in it 🙂

tracks that have helped me again:

Biodub – 7pm September Light
Sven Weisemann – Elapse
Modernism – Immagine 02
Joergmueller – St. Pancras (Salz Remix)
Matteo Morrielli – Numero Tre (Original Mix)
Riley Reinhold – This Side of Paradise (Salz You-Jean Dub Remix)
Mastra – Shade
Salz – Stainless Dub (Joergmueller Remix)
Dorisburg – Mystical Influence
Organon – Shuttle
Federsen – Dewpoint (Tomas Rubeck Remix)
A Sacred Geometry – Atiya
Varg – The Eyes Of An Excellent Lover


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